Prayer Shawl Ministry

Help us keep those in need wrapped in love.

Prayer shawls are lovingly and prayerfully knit to be given to anyone who might need to be reminded of God's love for them.  A small cross is stitched into the corner and a prayer is attached.  Our little group has now provided prayer shawls for 110 people in various sorts of need around the world.   We never know how God will use our busy little hands when we create these tangible signs of God’s love.  If you know of anyone who might benefit from being wrapped in God’s love, please see or email Janice Lowell [email protected] about getting a shawl. 

For the coming year, we will be knitting scarves for clients of The Harvest Project in North Vancouver.  We will meet Tuesdays at 3pm in the Lounge.  The dates are:  November 21, January 30, March 20 and May 15.  There are multiple patterns available for the beginner to more advanced.