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Here is the email from the Archbishop we have been waiting for and expecting...

Please see the PDF download below for the Archbishop's full message.

The news that we are to suspend services and parish activities will not be a surprise to anyone, and to many I am sure it is a relief.  I am certainly glad to have at least some of the uncertainty lifted, although very sad to see this disruption to our programs and fellowship, but then again, recognize the need for this at this time and even beginning to explore how this might actually be turned to our good.
In the immediate future what this means is:
No Midweek Eucharist and/or Bible Study tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18.
No Lent series on the Art of Pilgrimage tomorrow evening.
No Sunday services until (at least) May 3.
The retreat scheduled for April 26-28 will be cancelled.
Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter will have to be re-imagined and will not involve gathering at the church, and likely not on the rocks either.
Big changes to our routine!
Alecia and I are working on ways that we can stay connected with each other as a parish community.  This includes:
  • Developing our website - including a new page where archived sermons will be posted (with thanks to Graeme Watson for diligently and faithfully recording them, going all the way back to 2013!).
  • Increasing our presence and activity on Facebook.
  • Increasing the number of  emails from me (and others) to the whole parish community, including at least one each week with reflective and devotional material to nurture our faith and spirituality in these uncertain times.
  • Using online meeting technology such as Zoom for meetings of various sizes.
  • Establishing "phone trees" inviting parishioners to telephone other parishioners to check in with one another, and perhaps offer practical help to one another if and when appropriate.
And as I have been saying all day (with apologies to the Dead Dog Cafe), stay safe and healthy, keep calm, be brave, and watch for the signs!