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With usage of the Church now able to be resumed a stalwart crew joined together last Saturday morning to weed, prune and clean out the gardens from their Spring overgrowth.   15 garden bags and containers were filled over the 2 hours and so the gardens are now ready for you to enjoy.  The extraordinary Jack Newman and David Pfeil transplanted the 2 trees in the Memorial garden that were beginning to block the stained glass windows.  The stalwart gardeners in the attached photo are Elizabeth Ferguson, Suzanne Veuger, Adrienne Stringer, Brian Pomfret, Jack Newman, Anne Baird, James Hamish and Christine O'Byrne.  Unfortunately Alice Hutchison and David Pfeil missed the photo opportunity.  

A few days later Jack demonstrated his power-washing prowess to complete the garden transformation.   Thank you to you all.

Chris Stringer, Church Premises Co-Ordinator

If you would like to be part of a gardening team in the future please let me know at