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The Nifty Thrifty Store is Back with unique, high-quality and gently used treasures to meet the needs of every cupboard and closet in your home.  Our collection of Silverware, Linen, Home Décor, Books, Toys, DVDs, Accessories, Jewelry, Clothing and lots more all prove that...

Vintage never looked so good!

Maybe you are looking to replace one classic teacup that lost its battle with gravity or find a piece of jewelry that is just perfect?  

Come and see our amazing displays. You will be surprised to see what's here!

The Nifty Thrifty Store is a charitable endeavour by St. Francis in the Wood Anglican Church, West Vancouver, and reopens on Saturday 5th June at 10 am - 2 p.m. for TWO days including Sunday 6th June at 10 am - 2pm!   

All proceeds go to charities, and that means Nifty Thrifty Deals for you will bring change and life-giving support to community members who most need our help


COVID-19 Protocols and Etiquette will be in place