Debit/Credit Card Online

Select the Fund of your choosing on this website and a donation button will direct you to online giving where appropriate. 

Pre-Authorized Debits

To contribute by Pre-Authorized Debit please contact the Parish Administrator during office hours for more information or email your request.   Contact details are shown below. 

Cash or Cheque Gifts

Cash or Cheque gifts can be made during the Offertory at a Church Service or at the Church Office during office hours.   For mail-in gifts the address is below.

Donating Shares

The Parish accepts the donation of appreciated securities.   This can be a convenient way to give; it is also the most tax-effective way to give.   You receive a tax receipt for the full market value of the gift and pay NO tax on the gain derived from that gift.   It can be used to make your annual pledge donation or support capital campaigns, or make major gifts to specfic programs.   The donation of securities is handled by the Diocese, which charges a small fee before sending the proceeds to St. Francis.   For more information see here

Making a Bequest/Including St. Francis in your Insurance Policy

You may wish to provide for a gift to St. Francis in your Will or Life Insurance policy.   There can be considerable tax advantages when charitable gifts are made this way.   Please talk to your lawyer or other professional advisor to simplify the process and maximize your tax advantages.  When referring to the parish in your Will or insurance policy please refer to 'St. Francis-in-the-Wood Anglican Church, West Vancouver' and our CRA #129620902RR001.  Don't hesitate to make any specific directions for your gift too.