Confirmation is an act of renewing our commitment to our baptismal promises. Confirmation is often undertaken by teens, but it can be done at any age.

We believe that confirmation is such an important part of our worshipping life that we have a special preparation program for those considering it. Confirmation classes take place between January and April (which is typically when confirmations take place at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Vancouver) and consists of a confirmation of sessions at St. Francis and experiences of life as a Christian. We make visits to other churches and to the Lutheran Urban Mission Society. Also we typically attend a retreat with other Anglican young people from around British Columbia.

We schedule classes based on the interest expressed by families and young people at St. Francis, but typically they are on Sunday evenings with visits taking place on weekends.


Requirements for Confirmation at St. Francis-in-the-Wood

Confirmation is a sacrament of the Church, and we take both it and the preparation of confirmands seriously. Consequently, we have several expectations of those seeking to be confirmed. They are as follows:

The person must already be baptised.

The recommended age for those seeking confirmation is 13 years or in grade 8.

They must be active members of St. Francis, whether through our worship and / or our ministry with young people.

100% attendance is required at classes and on visits / retreats.

To find out more about confirmation at St. Francis-in-the-Wood, contact the Church Office.