The St. Francis-in-the-Wood Legacy Fund has been in operation since 1995. It is so named because it seeks to manage gifts that have come through a Will. But the Fund encourages Living Gift giving too, which also becomes a 'legacy' of donation over an extended period of time.

It is directed specifically to give its distributable funds to "those in need in British Columbia, including the disadvantaged youth, the elderly, the homeless and those suffering from substance addictions."

The Legacy Fund Trustees ensure that donor's gifts are invested in such a way that gifts 'keep on giving' over a fifteen-year period. Trustees direct the funds appropriately, or channel particular funds according to the designation of the donor.

This Fund represents one of the aspects of the outreach life of the Church of St. Francis-in-the-Wood.

If you would like to apply for a Grant from this Fund please complete the application form attached and email to the Church Office.