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Hi Godly Play kids.

Today will be our last online get-together with Fiona and our Godly Play friends before our summer break begins.   But as usual we can have a snack together if you would like to.   Bring your own with you as you sit down at your computer.     

We will be able to 'catch up' again with all that we have been doing.      Then, when it is time for today's story you will be able to watch and listen with Fiona.   We will be able to talk about it afterwards as we always do.

Your family will receive an email from Fiona with the details to link to 'Zoom' very soon.   Maybe someone from your family might like to join you too.    We hope you can join us for one more time before our summer break.

If you haven't heard from her by Friday, then email Fiona at [email protected]