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This online workshop series is led by Carolyn Green, who is the daughter of parishioner Christine O'Byrne.  Carolyn works at the Chopra Addictions and Wellness Center in Squamish, as an educator and facilitator in Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. She shares ancient and modern sciences that teach the nature of our bodies and minds, and how stress impacts us. Empowering and inspiring self-care practices through simple techniques and choices, you can easily start at home in playing with the phenomenal body and mind you were given.

Some of the topics that will be shared in this series are:

The Graceful Laws for Nature

The Nature of You and Others

The Power of Your Digestion

Using Your Senses to Heal

Empowering Daily Choices for YOU

What Thriving Looks for You

Carolyn is a distant member of St. Francis residing in Squamish with her family. She and her husband were married at St. Francis in 2007 and have two children ages 11 and 7. Early on Carolyn had an easy and deep connection to finding Spirit in Nature. In 2004 Carolyn’s world of constant anxiety and health issues was forever changed upon learning a tool from India which opened doors to learning ancient relationships at finding spirit in nature. She has also studied teachings from many indigenous communities and learnings modern science diving more into the big picture of nature and spirit and their effects on the body. Since then, as an ongoing student and preacher of self-care, Carolyn wishes to empower everyone to find balance in their bodies, minds and hearts. 

Dates: Fridays 10am (June 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th) 

To register please contact Carolyn at 604-849-3068 or

Please ensure that you get a call back or email reply to confirm your registration spot. Call anytime for questions. 

Cost: suggested donation of $15-$30 per session or $60-$120 for the series of four.  The sessions are layered such that most benefit is gained by participating in all four sessions.