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This has been a week of experiencing the kingdom of God for me, and much like our Gospel on Sunday offers- I cant really find the words for it. I cant find the words to tell you about it because of the sheer beauty it has been. So rather than tell you about it, below are some pictures of my week. From reviewing photos taken of our Gala by Roya, to attending the West Vancouver Foundation 45th birthday party, to cycling to the office, and baking for the Rectors Tea Party in Honor of Nifty Thrifty; God has blown my mind.

And here's why that matters. All of these experiences started as small seeds, small moments of invitation, which have grown into incredible experiences of profound beauty and connection. Maybe you’ve felt the same in your life too. What truly takes my breath away is how all of those experiences point back to us in this community in the work we are doing together to become agents of hope and love in the wider community.

Agents of hope and love in the wider community because of how Jesus has planted and nurtured those seeds of purpose and power in our lives all along. Seeds which are growing into mighty oaks in our very midst.

Come Sunday to see where these oaks might be….