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Scott Dean, Chair of the Stewardship Appeal for 2022, writes........

"As we transition and come back together let's contemplate how we nurture our spiritual selves, offer/receive blessings of peace, and openly encourage others as St. Francis Transforms, Reunites and Inspires.  Let's TRI to reflect how St. Francis inspires us to deepen our relations with God, and how we may inspire the Lord's blessings upon others in support of our shared vision as a spiritual centre of faith, hope and love in our community
As you reflect on your own personal renewal of your commitment this upcoming year, we hope that you may continue to graciously offer your time, energy and financial gifts!"

In the Presence of God, bring as much as you can manage, giving generously in response to the blessings of God. (Deut. 16:17)

Check out these video clips of Scott's introduction to Stewardship for 2022 and updated stewardship reflections from others, encouraging support of the work of St. Francis-in-the-Wood Church