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Everybody is looking for you (Jesus), has been a speed bump in this Sunday Gospel reading for me. I say speed bump because it's a phrase which is asking me to pay attention to something I’ve not thought of very much. Why is everyone looking for Jesus!?

While a rhetorical question on the surface, it's also a legitimate one. Surely Jesus would have been clearly visible to them because he wasn't hiding or trying to avoid people. So I wonder then, why were they searching for him?

I think they were searching for him because he was off on his own preparing himself for what was to come, which was another call to healing. He was off preparing himself, refilling himself- if you will, for the holy work he was called to offer through his life.

Holy work we are called to as well. Holy work which asks us to replenish ourselves every week before we go out into the world in ministry together.

So join me this Sunday, friends, as we gather around Altar and Word, to replenish ourselves for a searching world that is desperate to meet the anchor of our Joy which is Jesus. A meeting we aren't responsible for independently, rather we enable through our ministry to everyone we meet.

Bring a friend, bring two!