Providing for a Charity Gift to Funds in your Will or Life Insurance policy can offer considerable tax advantages.   Please talk to your lawyer or other professional advisor to simplify the process.   Don't hesitate to make any specific directions for your gift too.   Your Will should refer to St. Francis-in-the-Wood Anglican Church, West Vancouver - CRA #129620902RR001

You might like to know that the Parish  also accepts the donation of appreciated securities, which is a tax-effective way to give.  You receive the full market value of the gift and pay NO tax on the gain derived from that gift.   Your securities donation would be handled by the Diocese, which charges a small fee before sending the proceeds to St. Francis.   For more information see HERE


St. Francis in the Wood Church was built in 1927 and has Heritage Status within the District of West Vancouver .   This Fund is for smaller repairs to the Church, Hall, Grounds and the Rectory.    It is funded by interfund transfers and direct donations.


This Fund was established at the West Vancouver Foundation in 2018 to ensure funds to replace the Church roof, which were eventually needed in 2020.   Donations covered the costs of the replacement roof -the balance and subsequent donations remain in this Fund for any future major repairs as required.     You can donate online directly HERE  at the West Vancouver Foundation - select 'St. Francis-in-the-Wood Fund' or donate cheques directly to the Foundation.   Alternatively, you can donate online below using the Church's own online giving option and your money will be transferred to the Foundation.


First set up in 1979, this Parish Capital Fund is held at the Vancouver Foundation. Capital is not spent.  The income is either left in the fund or paid out to support the Operating Budget of the Parish.   It is the only stand-alone fund designed to support general operating costs.   The revenue available each year is determined by the Board of Vancouver Foundation.   It has returned a 10-year average of 8.28% and has a 1.65% annual fee.   

Vancouver Foundation Donation

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration