The first Anglican wedding in Caulfeild Cove took place in 1904 when Captain Hopcroft married Miss Nancy Grant beneath a spreading maple tree. This was before St Francis-in-the-Wood church was even built in 1927.

Since then St. Francis-in-the-Wood has been the place of many family weddings over the years.  

During that time little has changed in this beautiful landscape, beside Lighthouse Park on West Vancouver's waterfront. Whether it is a waterfront wedding, a traditional church wedding, an idyllic garden wedding, a wedding on the rocks beside the sea, or a little piece of each, it's here. Our intimate church allows families and friends to be close to the bride and groom's wedding ceremony.

Caulfeild Cove Hall adjoins the church and can be booked for a traditional wedding reception too.  Check out

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We welcome you to find out more about making your vows of commitment to each other at St Francis-in-the-Wood Church.  Please contact Parish Administrator Carol Dawson for your St Francis wedding package.

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