"This cozy little church in the woods, with its pretty gardens overlooking Caulfeild Cove, provided us with an idyllic British Columbia setting for our wedding. Angus was an excellent guide through the marriage process, and took the time to get to know us as a couple, working closely with us to make the ceremony incredibly meaningful to us, our friends and families." - Jill and Grant

"Getting married at St. Francis in the Wood was a wonderful experience. Not only do my husband and I have family history with St. Francis, it's just a beautiful place filled with wonderful people. The Pastor was there with us every step of the way from the marriage prep course to choosing our vows. The people are open and welcoming regardless of your spiritual beliefs. The setting is picturesque and the atmosphere is magical. You won't find another place like it; I highly recommend getting married in this vary special place." - Fenella and Jason