More About Us

There has been a church building here in Lower Caulfeild since 1927 and over the years the worship and prayers of generations of people have been offered in this sacred space – a place where the presence of God can be experienced.

Our vision is that St. Francis-in-the-Wood can be a place where all can find the space to grow spiritually and become all that God has made us to be and is calling us to be.

We are the body of Christ and as such we together are to embody and live out his life in this place, in this time. We are to be ‘Christ’ to one another, and it starts by recognizing Christ in one another and loving the Christ we find there.

Each person is unique and important and has their place in the body and their own particular calling.  As Interim Priest-in-Charge it is my privilege and joy to work with this Church community in helping people to find their place here at St Francis and to hear what God is saying to them and discover where he is leading them. And more than this, for us as a community to hear what God is saying to us today and where he is leading us in this journey that we are on together.

Whether you are new to the area and looking for a spiritual home, planning a visit to this beautiful part of the world, or perhaps you are thinking of getting married or planning a baptism, we look forward to meeting you or hearing from you.

Breathe.  Love.  Pray.  Hope.

Stephanie Shepard


The Anglican Church

The Anglican Church is a community of worshipping Christians, with more than 70 million members around the world.  In Canada our church is called the Anglican Church of Canada.  In other countries, it is known as the Church of England or Episcopal Church. "We are a people seeking to know, love and follow Jesus in serving God's mission".

The Anglican Church is divided into regional groupings called “dioceses”.  Each diocese has its own bishop (or bishops), who have the overall responsibility for the spiritual well-being and administration of the churches, or "parishes", within the area.

St. Francis-in-the-Wood is a parish of the Diocese of New Westminster, which encompasses over 70 churches across the Lower Mainland. The diocese is led by Bishop John Stephens.